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Car Covers Will Save the World

Tired of filling up your gas tank every week and paying more and more for the same amount? Is the idea of looking for alternative ways to get to work or school becoming a better solution? Maybe its time you become part of the movement to reduce your personal consumption of gasoline by car pooling, riding a bike, or using mass transit to get to work school or run errands. Every time you use an alternative to driving your personal car, you’re helping yourself, our country’s economy and the environment.

You’ll save money on gas, maintenance, toll bridge or parking fees and all the other miscellaneous costs of driving daily. If you’re single, you’ll expand your chances of meeting someone new or give you more time with someone you’re interested in. Regardless of your relationship status, sharing a ride provides so many more opportunities for social interactions. The doldrums of the daily commute will be a distant memory replaced with new friends and routine. Right now our country’s economy is faced with high fuel costs cutting into every American’s budget. Our nation’s dependence on the foreign oil supply has grown to a crippling effect on jobs and the cost of fuel. We are finally being faced with the reality of our dependence. American’s are facing tough decisions of how to pay the bills, food and fuel for their homes and automobiles. The sad part of it all is that no one knows where gas, diesel and oil prices will settle. The political delusions that it would be better to have some other country utilize their resources than to use our own is being shattered. The shift of policy on drilling and utilizing our country’s own natural resources will happen. Only then will our country economy prosper with the influx of new jobs, control over the price of crude and lower fuel prices at the pump.

In the meantime of this happening, more efficient, hybrid cars and SUV’s are now available. More alternative fuel resources are being commercialized and affordable. New and innovative fuel options are readily available. Technology is pushing us forward but all this new and great stuff still costs money. Right now, money that a lot of Americans do not have enough of to replace their existing car or truck and buy a new hybrid. The only choice that we all have to make an immediate change is to find alternative means for personal transportation. If there ever was a time to park your car and share a ride, take the bus or ride your bike to work school or run errands, it is now. You may believe our planet may be experiencing global warming, or not. As a nation we uphold the standards for being a responsible custodian of our country’s environment and prudently develop and manage our natural resources. Unlike us, our foreign oil suppliers have little respect or care and are raping their resources for profit. So relax, driving your suv is not causing global changes. Do the smart thing, park your car. Cover it with a new car shield cover so it’s protected and sheltered from the hot sun or freak wind, hail, and rain storms that can happen any time of the year. The bottom line is with a new car cover will protect your car while you’re saving money on gas, helping our country’s economy and the environment.

The Amazing Roll Up Car Cover

The Roll Up car cover is made from micro weave taffeta, together with seven layers of polyurethane. This enables the cover to repel high pressures of water that come pouring down from the skies. It will also be able to keep the car dry when you clean the cover over with a hose whilst on the car. The micro technology in the cover will withstand the pressure and still keep the car waterproof. Whilst completely waterproof, the Roll up car cover is also made from breathable material. The car has a chance to breath and sweat whilst covered, as air and moisture are allowed out through the material. Simultaneously though, they are denied access in, so the car will always remain fresh and dry. Roll Up car covers will create an impenetrable barrier between ultra violet rays and your car. The rays will simply be reflected away from the car, and will not be able to cause any harm whatsoever. This ensures that both the interior and exterior of your car are kept in good condition and the dashboard will neither be exposed to the extreme heat of the sun.

The cover will also protect the car from ugly bird dropping stains, tree sap, and dust. These are real nuisances and cause untold damage to your car with their staining. Having a Roll Up cover will save you lots of money, as you will not have the constant need for cleaning, waxing and polishing your car. These $5 here and there add up, and before you know it you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on the upkeep of your car alone. The most amazing feature of the Roll Up cover however, lies in the time saved from it. It will be able to cover your car, truck or SUV, from bumper to bumper, in just 60 seconds. In no time at all, you and your car are completely covered and protected from everything. Then when it’s time to put it away, it takes the grand total of 15 seconds! This is all done by a specialised, snag free technology, with a drum roll that rolls up the cover at the turn of a crank. The cover is rolled out and rolled up at high speeds, of up to 100 RPMs, all with the crank. Life couldn’t be simpler! Speedy and portable, the Roll Up car cover can be taken around with you wherever you go. When not in use, the cover is rolled up so compact that it tucks away in a corner. This allows you to pack it along with your travels, so that you are never left exposed to the detriments of nature.

Car Covers in Today’s Economy

I’m writing this article because a study shows that less and fewer vehicle covers are being sold today. I’m sure it’s because of today’s economy, I find this hard to understand. There are many new cars being bought and sold and used cars also. The one thing our economy is doing is to slow down the retail market due to lots of people losing their jobs and the high cost of living. But if you have a car or other vehicle that has been a large or small investment for you it is only smart to protect it’s valued so if you need to sell or trade them down the line there value will have remained high. The number one overall item you can purchase for your vehicle may it be a car, truck, SUV, van or another type of vehicle, is a cover. The car cover will be beneficial to the protection of its value in many ways. First, it will protect your cars finish from a multitude of attackers, the sun is one of the worst causes of damage to your cars exterior finish. The UV rays will cause oxidation of the paint, also dry out all the rubber and plastic on the outside of your vehicle. Next, the environment will also damage your cars exterior with acid rain, chemical fallout, bird droppings and the wind blowing sand and dirt and other objects against your cars exterior finish. There are many enemies of your car from the environment to the parking lots at work also the kids in the street, and if you park your vehicle in your carport or garage you will still need to cover it. Having your car under a carport or garage you may think it is protected, but there are many ways your car can be damaged even there. In the garage, one of the most common is somebody just walking by and they may rub up against your car or even worst their keys or some metal on their pants comes in contact with your cars finish and there is just one more scratch.

In the carport the number one damage to your vehicle is the car doors next to your car, how many times have you seen the telltale marks on your door from the car next to you. Doesn’t that just irritate you? If you were to have a body shop give you an estimate for fixing any of the things I just mentioned you would find that you could have bought not only one cover but as many as two, three, four or even five covers. Next, there is the interior of your vehicle, having your dash, seats, Cd’s, DVDs and other valuable items exposed to the sun and heat that can build up fast in hot weather will speed up their destruction. You would be surprised that a cover will drop your interior temperatures by as much as 20 degrees. There are covers made just for the Southwest States that can even drop the temperatures more. Not only will these covers keep the interior temps down they will keep prying eyes from seeing your costly accessories like high priced stereos, speakers, video displays and more. So it’s only smart to buy a cover for your vehicle to help protect it from losing its value and being broken into. Even in today’s economy, you need to spend money on a car cover to protect your investment. Just like you spend money on clothes, food, gas, insurance and mortgage. The car covers are just as important. You have car insurance to protect your car, and you have homeowners insurance to protect your home, you should also have a cover to protect your vehicles from the damage that they will most definitely receive.

Car Covers and the Summer Sun

Car covers are made to protect your car all year around but at this time of the year it is even more important then ever to have your car covered. The sun can cause more damage to your car than you may think. Your car’s paint is under constant attack by the sun’s UV rays, industrial fallout, acid rain. Left unprotected your car’s paint will suffer irreversible damage. Not only is the paint in danger your interior is under attack from the heat the sun generates. On a mild 73°F day, the temperature inside a car can reach 120°F in 30 minutes. On a 90°F day, the interior can reach 160°F in minutes. This will cause your dash and other materials to dry out and crack, also any plastics may melt, like your CD’S or DVDs. Having a car cover can protect your vehicle from this and a lot more. There are many types of car covers on the market today but one cover will help you protect your vehicle better than any other cover from UV rays. This cover is the Tyvek cover made from a white material that not only reflects the sun but is also water resistant. This space-age, lightweight DupontTyvek is easy to handle and store. It’s long been used by contractors to protect homes during construction. HAZMAT suits are also made from Tyvek to protect people from the most harmful conditions. It is fast drying, mould and mildew resistant and will help protect a vehicle from acid rain, tree sap, dust and other harmful pollutants.

There are many types of protection to protect your interior like window shades that will help keep the sun off your interior, these are good but usually only cover the front windshield and that means that the sun still can damage other parts of your interior, this also allows the temperatures to clime in your interior damaging all your plastic items. With a car cover, you will be protecting the hole interior from the sun’s rays also helping to keep temperatures down protecting any items in your car and making it nicer when you need to get in and go somewhere. The overall protection that a car cover provides is well worth the price. It will help you keep the value of your car and you will spend less time washing your exterior and conditioning your interior from the sun’s drying and heat damage. The one thing I can think of that may be a drawback to this cover is the fact that this cover is only one layer thick and is very lightweight. In windy conditions, it may be hard to keep it on your car or another vehicle, yes this cover does come with two tie-down grommets in the middle of the cover to help keep it in place with a cable lock or bungee cords to help secure it. So if you live where the wind is strong and blowing all the time you might want to buy a three or four layer cover to help keep it in place. These covers are also UV protected and ether water resistant or waterproof, they also come with tie-down grommets to secure it from the wind and the extra weight of these covers will keep them in place. Having a cover on your vehicles will be a benefit to you and your vehicles.